Perfect Wall Coverings

Choosing the right wall covering

There are a number of different types of commercial wallpaper available in the marketplace including different textures, styles and finishes. Our team at Distinct Commercial Decorators are often asked 'what wallpaper covering will best suit our commercial business' and so we've put together an overview to help you choose the right solution for your workplace.

Internal decorating, Murapsec Wall Paper

Lining Paper
Lining paper is often used in preparation of painting or wallpapering / wallcovering.  Lining paper is applied to bare walls or ceilings and will help cover imperfections on the surface of walls or ceilings and can also hide bold colours previously painted on walls.

As a rule, if lining paper is being applied to walls prior to hanging wallpaper, the general rule is to hang in the opposite direction of the final wall covering to create a cross lining.

Vinyl wallcoverings are waterproof, versatile and hard wearing which are suitable for high use areas including educational establishments, shops and food outlets.

Normally when hanging vinyl wall covering, you will paste the wall and hang the paper onto it.  The removal of vinyl wallpaper can be tricky due to the waterproof resistance.

Vinyl Coated
Vinyl coated coverings are not as thick as the vinyl covering above and in simple form the back layer is paper and the top skin layer is vinyl (plastic).  Vinyl papers are easily hung and removed and offer a waterproof and hard wearing solution suitable for many workspaces.

Blown Vinyl
Blown vinyl provides an embossed wall covering effect.  Like all other vinyl papers, blown vinyl provides a durable finish.

General Paper Wallpaper 
General wallpaper coverings come in many styles and patterns including flock, woodchip and hand printed.

General paper is classed as a Pulp wallpaper and is normally the cheapest paper available and is simply a printed pattern onto basic paper. Pulp wall paper is easy to hang and remove.  Washable wallpapers have a thin plastic transparent coating covering the pattern printed pulp paper. Washable paper provides resistance to stains and light marks and allows them to be regularly wiped with a damp cloth.

Muraspec is a digitally printed wallcovering solution which provides high impact visual messages and designs.
Muraspec products are made with a range of raw materials such as Paper-backed Vinyl, Fabric-backed Vinyl, non-woven backing, and textile wallcoverings in addition to other alternative finishes.

Strataflex offers a custom design service that gives the opportunity to incorporate your workplace design, logo or branding colours into your interior scheme.

Designs are produced using a mixture of printing techniques and can be printed onto various

If you have any wallcovering requirements you would like to discuss or to arrange an onsite consultation, please get in touch with the Distinct Commercial Decorating team – Tel: 0800 8488270