Apartment Blocks - High Access Work

Neptune Marina – Ipswich, Suffolk

Distinct Commercial Decorators use our advantage of dexterity generating a premier finish to the exterior of the elite Neptune Marina Apartments in the up and coming area of the Ipswich waterfront.

Decorating, Painting

The project of decorating the rendered exterior surfaces of the Neptune Marina apartment blocks, Ipswich Suffolk, included cleaning down and applying a Dulux Trade Weathershield Paint System.  The Distinct Commercial Decorators team used their experience and know how in organizing and sub-contracting the traffic management, whilst liaising with the local authority to prevent any disruption to the flow of the roadways whilst work was in progress.  All of the high access work on the building was carried out using a state of the art cherry picker by our Distinct Commercial Decorators team who are fully IPAF trained. This project was swiftly completed within a 3 week period.