Stunning finish whilst saving time on plastering by traditional methods

Airless Plastering

Distinct Commercial Decorators are excited to announce we have invested in a new airless plastering solution which we feel will change the way plastering is carried out  on projects, saving time and money in the process.

Our Airless spray plaster system uses a special fast-drying ready-mixed compound which is applied with an airless spray gun. With this efficient plastering solution, we can virtually eliminate any wastage and the need for additional water on site with minimal preparation required. With the plaster being white this will almost always eliminate the need to mist coat (apply an undercoat) before painting.

Tape & Jointing, Plastering
Airless Plastering, Tape & Jointing Surface
Airless Plastering, Tape & Jointing Surface

Why come to Distinct Commercial Decorators for an airless spray plastering solution?

– Up to 10 times faster completion, saving time and money in comparison to traditional plastering methods.
– Consistent high quality finish.
– Can apply a single coat of plaster to 55 m2 of ceiling in just over 10 minutes- that’s a total of over 600 square feet!
– The airless sprayer can be used to spray walls from floor level up to 3 metres,  reducing the need for working at height with ladders or scaffolding.
– Plastering will dry within 24hours and be ready for painting.
– Quick, clean and efficient with minimal mess to tidy up.
– High impact resistance and less prone to chips and cracks.
– Easily sanded if required.
– We can provide a complete project managed service including the decoration of your freshly plastered walls or ceiling.

We find its beneficial to our customers to keep tape & jointing, plastering and decoration under one umbrella because it helps eliminate time lost on communicating on plastering defects prior to decorating commencing.

Our new Airless Plastering solution is quick, clean and efficient to use with the Ready mixed range taking the hassle out of finishing by providing a high-quality, fast drying alternative to traditional methods of plastering.  The best way to appreciate the excellence of spray-plastering is to see it for yourself; request your own demonstration on T: 0800 848 8270 Email: