Colours that will motivate

Colours that motivate

Recent research shows commercial, business or educational environments are predominantly bland neutral or natural backgrounds which of course makes practical sense, but did you know these colours including grey and creams can induce sadness and even depression?

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Distinct Top Tip – As light shades are still favorable and provide a feeling of space, consider swapping your drab magnolia with a crisp shade of uplifting white to brighten and freshen your office space.

Distinct Top Tip – If you want to introduce colour into your workspace, remember dark walls can give the feeling of being enclosed.  Every colour has a meaning… what does your office say about you?

Encourages creativity and provides a stable environment.  Blue stimulates natural tranquilisers in the brain so it can provide a calming effect which can result in happier and more efficient employees.

Is thought to increase heart-rate as well as blood-flow and is therefore ideal for work places that involve physical activity.  It would be good advice to use red sparingly in office spaces, and perhaps used more for signage and attracting attention.


Induces a sense of optimism, confidence and fun and is often used in work-spaces occupied by artists, writers and designers.

Like other natural colours such as blue, green has a calming, soothing effect which is associated with feelings of positivity. Green is visually easy on the eye and is best suited to people who work long hours.

Represents enthusiasm and happiness and can assist in the creativity of your workplace. Used well, orange in the workplace can be vibrant and an ideal colour to attract attention.

Announces power and ambition.  Purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red and is associated with wisdom and creativity.

A coat of paint will cost your business a minimal expense, but it can receive maximum results with bright colours proven to motivate and improve moods and productivity in the workplace.

If you can recognise how colour can have an effect in your workplace, you should be able to turn your office into a vibrant, stimulating and productive place to work.  Alternatively, if you require assistance with your interior design contact us for a site visit and proposal.